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Shwan's original works hang in art houses and galleries around
             the world. Shwan has been in over 50 exhibitions in Italy, Canada
             and the United States. His works are part of the Canadian Museum
        of Civilization as well as other prestigious collections.
          He is part of a select group of artists whose art is featured in the
          Mercurious art catalogue, Art Folio - Fine art Catalogue annually.
           Every single piece of Shwan art is in a style that Shwan refers to
            as " Shwanism ". In Shwanism each piece is a production that
             incorporates colour and movement and love. Shwanism is his
               passion; it is his voice and his expression of life for his audience.
               Shwan paints prolifically within the several themes that dominate
                his work : flowers, men, faces, women, images embedded in lines waves,
landscapes, love and humor.
  His work is constantly evolving.